How to contact Sra. Elke

How to contact Sra. Elke Hernandez


Phone: 860-757-6300 x3529

How to help your students in Spanish....

They need time to work on homework, sometimes that means working on the internet or watching movies or novelas, listening to music. The more exposure the better.
Attend parent conferences & be mindful of portfolios
Check powerschool
Internet Access/Library etc.
Join Remind 101- see below for codes for your class
Help organize field trips/Community service
Watch TV in Spanish, rent or watch Spanish movies, encourage listening to Spanish music ask them what it means.
Ask them to translate.... they know more than you think.

Remind 101 info Spanish 2HCall (860) 866-5109With this message@sraelke2H

Remind 101 info Spanish 4HDCall (860) 866-5109With this message@sraelke4Hd

Remind 101 info Spanish 4HBCall (860) 866-5109With this message@sraelke4Hb

Remind 101 info AP SPANISHCall (860) 866-5109With this message@sraelkeap

Links to helpful sites and practice activities practice proficiency tests and practice Spanish English dictionary also has synonyms etc.

Grammar practice

Punctuation and Accents A must see! 10 minutes

Accents: Practice and quizzes Info and quizzes online Professor Jason explains accents practice quiz quiz online


Reading short stories

Listening Audio
News: with activities United Nations radio in Spanish videos, podcast, can slow speaking down and read along with the text recordings on a variety of topics from native speakers

Podcasts, news with activities

just podcasts:

Listening Video podcasts, video, sports and programming from España Colombia videos news print and video news, some with audio as well

ElPais is one of Spain’s most popular newspapers.
ElMundo is another, which also has La Revista on-line, its Sunday supplement with a good range of full-text articles.
ElPeriódico – Catalunyan daily paper (in Castillian).
ABCElectrónico – right-wing daily news from Spain.
LaJornada – daily news from Mexico.
Clarín – Argentinian newspaper.
ElMercurio from Chile. is a comprehensive list of Spanish-language online media, an offshoot ofMundo Latino.
TVE Internacionaltelevision schedules – as seen in the Sussex Language Institute. EuroTVcarry more concise schedules.
BBC Mundo is the website of the BBC Latin American service – lots of features to read and hear in RealAudio, plus a live feed.