Black in Latin America

Afro Hispanic Heroes in Spanish
Goal for today Create a quilt celebrating Afro Hispanic Heroes!

  • Pick a person either from the list or from the pictures
  • Use links and google to get 5 important facts about that person
  • Use the printed pictures, glue, scissors, markers to create an artistic representation of that person white paper to mount on the quilt mat (construction paper)
  • Feel free to look up quotes, poems, lyrics, major events, flags etc to decorate your square. We don´t want just peoples pictures with boring information on it.
  • See the template

Link to Hero Bios and images

Black in Latin America PBS Series

Haiti and Dominican Republic

Mexico and Perú the Black Grandma in the Closet

Cuba the next revolution

Bienvenidos a la clase de Sra. Elke
Until schoology is up as of Sept 14 I will be posting a link for your daily assignments through a google doc. Days of the week are numbered 1-5
You should be able to find the agendas class notes etc.
Proficiency tracker form
Spanish benchmarks

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Preparativos para la independencia de Mexico

Historia de Mexico Tres etapas.

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Video> Tour de Mexico

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Arte Mexicano

Week of Sept 8-12

look on your class pages to the left to find study help and presentations.See below for extra credit ideas.
Click here for schoology site. Check for your class under courses and any updates I make to you class will appear on your homepage.

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Ideas for Extra credit in Spanish
To really learn a language you must read as much Spanish as possible to learn vocabulary and to practice
reading comprehension as well as listening to it so you get trained. If you practice and master that, the speaking will follow a lot easier.

Extra credit is about what do you want to do. Not for you to explore GOOGLE translate or Other software.
Remember these are graded based on grammar, completion and cohesiveness.

If I suspect you are google translating the whole thing or I get something like The story was bad. Mayra was a bad woman. She was ugly. You will not get the full 25 points or if it is a translation you can get a 0

For options 2-7 you must include a link or a copy of the article you read, a link to the audio or video you saw and or the name or the movie and the novela and the date you saw it.

1. PRACTICE: Vocab and Grammar practice:

Online tutorials and quizzes you can send me or print and turn in for extra points as well. 10 points each.

Quia, or quizlet, you can google the current unit or a grammar point and take quizzes online. Do a print screen of your score or some will give you the option of emailing someone your score. You can do a print screen of it. Function PRT SC and then email me that or print it.
Some websites for online quizzes. *my user name to search is Renelke you can look up you book to find the right chapter and take quizzes online or do the at home tutor.

2. LISTEN:Translate a song, 10 points. At least 4 stanzas

Follow a Spanish novela and post your summaries on my blog *on the website. Make sure to also give your opinion and prediccions.
Each blog entry minimum 60 words. 60 words will not ensure 20 point thought that is just the minimum. 20 points
You can do a character analysis. Extra 10 points 50-70 words.

4. READ and/or LISTEN
Read or listen to an article from one of the sites below. The article or story has to be at least 5 minutes and or 5 paragraphs. Write about what you hear or read.
Has to include the Who, what, when, where of the story and any thoughts of your own. I always want to know what you think about the work as well. Minimum 80 words. 25 points

Periodicos (news from Spain) (general information and human interest stories) (general information) (online magazine from Columbia) (places in Mexico) (news from Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Emisoras (noticias. Espana) (You have to click on the language to get the BBC in
Spanish) (noticias, Mexico) (Universidad de Guadalajara, Mexico) (You have to click on the language to find the Spanish version.) also on TV check local listings for news and or novelas. also check TV listings for news and or novelas.

Watch a Spanish movie and don’t use English subtitles and write a review about it. You can turn these in on Minimum 80 words. Include argumento, personajes y opiniones. *include the plot, characters and your opinions. This options should have your opinions and advice as to whether others should watch the movie or not. 25 points.
EXTRA 5 points if it is an authentic Spanish or Latin American movie instead of an English movie in SAP.

Netflix, Infinity and even the Telemundo and Univision have movies in Spanish that are either translated or authentic Spanish/Latin American films.

Adivinanzas on your class webpage. Guess them for 3 points each. You can do these everyweek. No limits.

7. EXPLORE: Create your own
Go on one of the three major Spanish news agency websites listed below. Visit the site. Read some quick stories try to figure out what everything is poke around for 15 minutes and then tell me what you saw In English for 10 points or Spanish for 20. Minimum 60 words. also on TV check local listings for news and or novelas. also check TV listings for news and or novelas.

You can also explore a topic that interests you and search the news agencies and tv stations and read about them in Spanish.

This is not the complete copy but it is half of it.
For more practice go to the Spanish for Heritage on the side bar and click on the links to study like we did in class.

Academic Vocabulary QUIZLET STUDY GUIDE

Pop quiz next week!

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